Day 0

The move has been made and application submitted to join the crazy eve pioneers. I sent the majority of my isk to a holding alt so that I’m not tempted to buy my way through this rugged lifestyle. 


As of now, the only market purchases I intend to make are BPCs, BPOs, and skill books.  


I hitched the wagon (my glorious Tristan frigate) to my oxen (5 T2 hobgoblins) and ran off with a cargo hold of some BPOs and a little ammo. When I arrived in station, I immediately set about getting a lay of the land. There were several belts to examine, complete with rats to kill (which I did). A few stations, which prompted moving my clone down here, and some planets that will require some closer examination. 


My application is in, and now it’s just time to wait for acceptance into this ragtag bunch. One thing I’m realizing is that some additional investment in industry skills is going to be quite important, since I can’t have many production jobs going concurrently, and invention might be needed at some point if I ever want to upgrade my gear.


one thing is certain, things are about to get much more interesting for me. 


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