Day 1

I was accepted as a member of [PIONR].

This was a joyous moment as it marked one of my very few times in EvE that I’ve been a part of a corporation. With some limited time in RvB I haven’t really spent much time in corporations, preferring the solo lifestyle. We will have to see just how far the pioneers take me.


Another milestone was the building of my fine mining ship. A mighty underfit venture for lowsec mining.  As the ship came off the assembly line, another opportunity raised its head. I was without any mining tools. Fortunately a quick comment in the corporation chat hooked me up with a fellow pioneer who could craft the lasers for me. This allowed me to greatly increase my capabilities to get needed minerals.

Megacyte gathering is going to cause issues though. As a result I’ve created an exploration ship to seek out wormholes that might contain the valuable mineral. Much work remains, I’ll do my best to keep you updated.


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