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Of BPOs and industry changes

The success of exploration a few nights ago had left my wallet flush with isk (sold the capital rig BPCs to an alliance mate). What does this mean?  New t1 BPOs. So with my trusty companion Snacks help, I’ve invested in getting the pieces for an omen. We’ll have to see how these cruisers help with the rat issues our pocket has faced (damn you clone soldiers). 


Related, I’m thrilled to see some of the upcoming industry changes. In a corp where the goal is self production sufficiency, paying more to manufacture in wxcgange for unlimited slots is an amazing boon. 


Tonight will be the maiden flight of Oh Man the omen. And with any luck, Leena and Snacks meta 4 emporium will be open for business for all pioneers soon. 


Of Exploration and Ghost Sites

Last night was an incredible night for this Pioneer. After finally acquiring the needed pieces to it an Imicus to scan down relic and data sites I made strides toward the eventual T2 production that the corp would like to get into. I took my trusty ship out to a nearby empty low sec system and scanned down 3 different relic/data sites and with my trusting ratting companion Snacks, we bravely engaged the loot spew mechanic to mild success.

Full of confidence and stupidity we saw a ghost site on scan and said “why not”.


Note to self: finish the hack even if your fleet partner says its time to go.

Oh well -1 Imicus (replacement being made as we speak) +2 T2 capital ship rig BPCs.

Day 1

I was accepted as a member of [PIONR].

This was a joyous moment as it marked one of my very few times in EvE that I’ve been a part of a corporation. With some limited time in RvB I haven’t really spent much time in corporations, preferring the solo lifestyle. We will have to see just how far the pioneers take me.


Another milestone was the building of my fine mining ship. A mighty underfit venture for lowsec mining.  As the ship came off the assembly line, another opportunity raised its head. I was without any mining tools. Fortunately a quick comment in the corporation chat hooked me up with a fellow pioneer who could craft the lasers for me. This allowed me to greatly increase my capabilities to get needed minerals.

Megacyte gathering is going to cause issues though. As a result I’ve created an exploration ship to seek out wormholes that might contain the valuable mineral. Much work remains, I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

Day 0

The move has been made and application submitted to join the crazy eve pioneers. I sent the majority of my isk to a holding alt so that I’m not tempted to buy my way through this rugged lifestyle. 


As of now, the only market purchases I intend to make are BPCs, BPOs, and skill books.  


I hitched the wagon (my glorious Tristan frigate) to my oxen (5 T2 hobgoblins) and ran off with a cargo hold of some BPOs and a little ammo. When I arrived in station, I immediately set about getting a lay of the land. There were several belts to examine, complete with rats to kill (which I did). A few stations, which prompted moving my clone down here, and some planets that will require some closer examination. 


My application is in, and now it’s just time to wait for acceptance into this ragtag bunch. One thing I’m realizing is that some additional investment in industry skills is going to be quite important, since I can’t have many production jobs going concurrently, and invention might be needed at some point if I ever want to upgrade my gear.


one thing is certain, things are about to get much more interesting for me. 

Day -1

So I’m thinking this whole PIONR experiment sounds like lots of fun so I’m planning to start myself up with my 11k SP character. I have decent drone skills, so Gallente space seems like a smart place to go and play. I’m planning getting myself into a Tristan and moving out with that ship fit and a cargo hold of some ammo and a few blueprints to try to make it in PIONR. 


Wish me luck!